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9th Hamamatsu International Piano Competition

The 9th triennial Hamamatsu International Piano Competition

has come to a close after three weeks of intense contest, spectacularly beautiful – and

demanding – music, and, of course, some of the world’s finest concert grand pianos.

Competition winner Alexander Gadjiev (Italy) chose Shigeru Kawai for his performances.

The Shigeru Kawai SK-EX proved extremely popular among contestants throughout the

competition. In the first round, 24 of the 72 participants selected Kawai, followed by

11 out of 24 contestants inthe second round. Of the remaining 12 participants that reached

the third round, 7 pianists selected Kawai, while the final was contested by 6 individuals,

3 of whom performed using the SK-EX.

This, the 9th HIPC since its inception, hosted 72  competitors from more than 20 countries.

Gadjiev walks away with more than ¥3,000,000 in prize money, at least 10 opportunities

to perform in and outside of Japan, including solo recitals and performances with major

orchestras, by the end of March 2017.


For more information about Kawai's involvement with this prestigious competition, please follow the link below:


Crystal Grand CR40A stars on X Factor

Winner of the 2015 season of X Factor, Cyrus Villanueva, stunned judges and audience alike when he played this stripped back version of Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do - with Kawai's magnificent Crystal grand piano. Watch the video here:   

Download it now: The New Kawai Touch Notation App

Now you can create professional-looking musical scores by hand.

Touch Notation is a powerful musical score creation app that allows anyone to enjoy writing music using touch gestures.

A new approach to notating music

Up until now, musical score creation software has relied upon dragging individual notes from a palette onto staves. By contrast, Touch Notation allows musicians to draw directly onto the score using a finger or touch pen, and have their work immediately appear as beautifully-written notation, then played back using the app's 30 built-in instrument voices.

Accurately reproduce notated scores of any level

Touch Notation allows all musical symbols to be written and accurately played back. Standard musical expressions such as changes in tempo and dynamics can also be easily added, along with original expressions created by adjusting existing presets. Touch Notation supports multi-part scores, allowing choir, woodwind, and brass ensemble pieces to be written with ease.

Easy-to-use user interface

Touch Notation adopts a unique circle-based control interface, consolidating multiple related functions into each button. This allows a clean, uncluttered layout, and maximises the score creation workspace on smaller-screened devices. In addition, the pull-out play control bar works in conjunction with each part of the score, providing access to part volumes, panning, and voice selection when needed.

Convenient output functions for sharing scores

Completed scores can be emailed as PDF attachments, printed using an AirPrint-compatible printer, or saved directly to cloud services such as Dropbox for sharing creations with friends and band members. Scored data can also be output in SMF and Music XML formats, allowing additional editing in other software, and effortless integration with teaching and music production environments etc.

Wide variety of additional features

Touch Notation provides a wide range of additional features to assist scoring music, including:

  • Immediately raise or lower the pitch of the score with the Transpose function.
  • Write freehand comments and memos directly onto the score with the Memo function.
  • Prevent wrists and fingers accidentally entering notes using the Wrist Guard function.
  • See an overview of the entire score while working on an area with the Navigation View function.
  • Manage all scores and music from a central location using the Library Screen.
  • Immediately check how to enter notes and symbols using hand gestures with the built-in Help Videos.

Touch Notation: Best of 2014 Award

In Japan, Touch Notation was selected as one of the ‘App Store Best of 2014' apps, and held the No.1 spot in the iPad Paid App index for music apps for over two weeks.

Kawai Touch notation

The free version of Touch Notation imposes the following restrictions:

  • Only one score can be stored in the Library.
  • Scores cannot be duplicated.
  • A "Touch Notation Free" watermarks will be applied to each page of any exported PDF file.

Supported OS/models:

  • iPhone: iPhone 4 or later
  • iPod Touch: 5th generation or later

* Older devices may experience stuttering when playing complicated scores with many simultaneous notes. Users are recommended to test the free version of Touch Notation in order to assess the app's performance on their device.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. AirPrint and the AirPrint logo are trademarks of Apple Inc.. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.. Dropbox is a registered trademark of Dropbox, Inc.

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