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The pianos you want with no large upfront cost

Most schools have never considered a better way of financing their musical instruments than by simply purchasing the ones they want. With pianos, this is a large capital expense, and the money will either have to be saved over time or financed.

Then, as the pianos age, the whole process must be repeated and the music department faces the same demand for raising a large sum for new purchases.

There is a way to get the pianos you want for a low monthly amount without tying up your capital reserves and a replacement plan that means you will always have new or near new pianos in your music department.

How? Through a Lease to Own Program. Our Kawai Education Team will be pleased to take you through how it would work for your music department.

Kawai Piano Finance

"For as little as $600 a month
you could have six brand new Kawai pianos."

With a Lease to Own Program, the leasing company purchases the pianos and leases them to you for use in your music department. Upgrading is simple, too. At the end of the lease term you own the pianos and can upgrade to any new pianos you want with a new lease. Terms are from three to five years.

Lease to Own program

School music department
6 upright pianos
$600 per month
University music department
6 upright pianos / 2 grand pianos
$1900 per month
8 upright pianos / 10 grand pianos
$6300 per month

NB: Examples are indicative only.The Kawai Education Team will be happy to arrange for a tailored quote for your individual music department's needs.

No Large Outlay Upfront

You don’t have to find a large deposit upfront; the pianos are yours to start using straight away but the cost is spread over a number of years. This can significantly help maintain cashflow, which is critical to any business model. Poor cashflow is one of the main reasons decisions do not happen, and leasing can help you to keep it under better control.

Tax Advantages

When the pianos are purchased, the GST is paid by the leasing company, who pays the input tax credit. As the borrower, you also claim the GST on the monthly instalments with each BAS return.

You can claim the entire monthly payment as a tax deduction with a finance lease. You can confirm your specific tax position with your financial adviser when you receive a proposal for a Lease to Own agreement.


A Lease to Own agreement is a fixed contract so it is relatively easy to budget and fit into your forecasts. That means you have better control over current and future cash flow.

Benefits of Lease to Own

Conserve cash - pay for use over time  
Fixed regular payments  
No large upfront payments  
Flexible terms  
Bundling of Service Plan
Own outright at conclusion of agreement    
TAX/GST advantages    
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