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Introduction to Kawai music education

The piano is one of the essential building blocks of music education. A music department with new, high quality pianos says loud and clear that it is committed to providing the very best music programs for existing and potential students.

Kawai is a specialist piano company and has long been an innovator in piano design, building quality and beauty into all its models, from a go anywhere digital to the world’s most advanced concert grand pianos.

At Kawai we have helped music departments across Australia to give their students quality pianos to play: new instruments that are replaced on a regular basis and the right mix for education of uprights, grands and digital pianos.

little girl playin Kawai digital piano

We do this through an efficient leasing program or other preferred financing option that helps music departments make the most of their budgets.

And we do it through a range of pianos specially selected with features that make them ideal for use in the education environment.

We want music departments to use Kawai as their best resource for quality instruments with tailored advice, special upgrade deals and financing options across acoustic and digital pianos. With the strong Australian dollar, there has never been a better time to upgrade to quality Kawai Made in Japan pianos for education.

At Kawai, we help you achieve the best result for your music department. And we back it up with the best support sales and service for the years ahead.

Kawai history, piano craftsmanship, environmental leadership

It was Shigeru Kawai, the son of the founder of the company, who developed Kawai’s early strong links with music education.

In the 1960s, he established a network of music schools across Japan and the Kawai Academy of Music to train qualified music teachers for the schools.

At the same time, Shigeru built the Kawai Piano Technical Centre to train service technicians in the art of caring for pianos. This facility today trains all Kawai factory technicians and graduates the renowned Kawai Master Piano Artisans.

Meeting the needs of music departments

Meeting the needs of music departments

In Australia, expert Kawai personnel offer assessment and consultation to music departments, reporting on the current age and condition of the instrument inventory and making recommendations for financially effective upgrading of pianos, both acoustic and digital.

An environmental leader

An environmental leader

Kawai was the first piano manufacturer to be awarded the ISO 14001 certificate for environmental practices. Today it continues with recycling practices within the manufacturing process and reforestation of areas that produce fine timbers for pianos.

Proud to be an innovator

Proud to be an innovator

The very first Japanese piano action was designed by Koichi Kawai in 1927. For 85 years, the company has been a leader in the development of technology such as the carbon fibre parts used in its Millennium III piano action and the use of its anachoic chamber for digital piano sampling.

Who has chosen Kawai?

A number of different institutions upgrade their instruments with Kawai – from Scotch College Melbourne to Scots College Sydney, from the Queensland Conservatorium to the University of Western Australia and the AMEB in NSW, Queensland and WA.

The art of piano performance

Kawai is piano sponsor of the McDonald’s Performing Arts Challenge and has also built a strong relationship with Suzuki Talent Education. The Suzuki highlight of the year is the gala performance at the Sydney Opera House, where young pianists win hearts with astonishing recitals at the Shigeru Kawai concert grand.

In the wider world of the professional arts, Kawai is a major sponsor of The Australian Ballet and a sponsor of the MBS FM classic music radio network across Australia, Venue 505, Upstairs Jazz Café and a number of classical and jazz festivals.

Kawai is also a sponsor of the Sydney International Piano Competition and the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference.

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  • K Series Professional
    Sleek lines combine with advanced technology to create a range pianos with rich, vibrant textures of tone to captivate any player.
  • Shigeru Kawai
    Handcrafted from precious renewable materials, these limited edition concert series grand pianos provide unparalleled touch, purity of tone and expression.
  • GX Professional Series
    Defining the 'Made in Japan' philosophy of disciplined craft with technological innovation. A superb series of rich, vivid, expressive grand pianos.
  • Premium Pianos
    The premium range is quite simply our finest digital piano collection. Kawai's heritage in crafting world-class performance instruments inspires these digital pianos that deliver an exceptional musical experience.
  • Home Digital Pianos
    Affordable digital pianos that feature touch and sound technologies derived from our top concert grand pianos, our home digital pianos set a bold new standard in value and performance.
  • GL Classic Series
    Our dramatic new range of grand pianos with modern styling and the design intelligence to allow the player to achieve full musical artistry.
  • Pro Stage Pianos
    Regarded by music industry insiders as the most authentic and durable stage pianos around, the MP Series offers unrivalled touch, sound and control to meet the demands of professional musicians.
  • Portable Pianos
    Compact and portable, the multi-purpose ES Series pianos feature realistic keyboard actions, powerful speakers and a selection of excellent sounds suitable for various musical opportunities.
  • AnyTimeX2 Series
    Genuine hybrid technology from Kawai. Real acoustic pianos that incorporate an acoustic muting feature and powerful digital audio components.
  • ATX Hybrid Pianos
    ATX Hybrid Description
  • CS Hybrid Pianos
    CS Hybrid description