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Queensland Conservatorium

"The Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University has had a long association with Kawai, is very pleased to have entered into a new agreement that provides an unprecedented level of service.

The provision of Kawai pianos throughout the Conservatorium, which number more than 60 in total, together with the Kawai regular turnover plan means that our students will constantly have access to new and well kept pianos.

The Lease to Own Program option for our larger concert pianos allows us to keep our annual capital outlay at an acceptable level. Upfront purchase outright would have been prohibitive to the Conservatorium budget. By purchasing through this desirable and modest interest rate plan, we have been able to provide our students with the quality and range of pianos required to foster emerging professional careers.

We are delighted with our new piano agreement and with the willingness of Kawai to go that extra mile to manage our instrument and financial needs. This is a true partnership and one which will be of lasting benefit to the Conservatorium and our students."

– Suzannah Conway, Executive Manager, Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University - May 2014

Queensland Conservatorium

University of Technology, Sydney

"The piano is central to music making, from composition and accompaniment to individual and full orchestral performance. The University is grateful for the advice provided by the Kawai education team in the selection of our new grand piano.

"Our superb new Kawai RX6 grand piano is the perfect size for the Sound and Music area in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. We had been considering a smaller instrument but Kawai demonstrated that this piano was the one to provide the volume, tone and musicality to fill the space and allow our students to perform at their very best."

– Professor Paula Hamilton, Associate Professor, Creative Practices Group

University of Technology, Sydney

Suzuki Education, NSW

"Kawai has been associated with Suzuki in NSW for more than 20 years, providing pianos for our many functions from special event concerts to our regular Summer School.

For our graduation Grand Concert at the Entertainment Centre, held in front of the entire overseas Board of the International Suzuki Association, Kawai provided eight grand pianos and also their showrooms at Chatswood for weekend rehearsals.

Our latest venture, the Suzuki Institute in Thornleigh, has a 210cm Kawai grand piano and three new upright pianos in the teaching studios. All provided by Kawai on the most favourable terms.

As a non-government organisation, we do not have the finances to go out and immediately provide good quality instruments for our use. The Kawai education team has ensured that both our teachers and students have had the benefit of playing on new pianos that are of the highest Kawai standard."

- Sheila Warby, President STEAA (NSW)

Suzuki Education, NSW

Macquarie Conservatorium

"With the acquisition of the Kawai professional upright pianos we purchased in October 2011 as well as with the Kawai RX7 grand piano purchased in January 2010, Macquarie Conservatorium is proud to announce that it is now an all Kawai Conservatorium.

The competitive pricing structure, substantial Kawai Education Rebate and trade-in deal for our existing pianos, made it possible for us to replace all of our upright pianos at the same time and at an affordable price."

- Kathy Pingel MMus, GradDipMus, GradDipArts, BA (Creative), LMusA, Churchill Fellow Director, Macquarie Conservatorium

Macquarie Conservatorium

Scotch College, Melbourne

"Scotch College, Melbourne, has enjoyed a long association with Kawai. In 2003, we entered an agreement that has seen our staff and students enjoy the use of six Kawai upright pianos and a grand, all renewed on an annual basis. Having new, high quality instruments contributes to the development of our students and the quality of teaching.

It is a partnership that we value most highly, and we are fortunate that Kawai has the vision to assist teachers, students and parents by providing a sustainable plan for the future."

- John Ferguson, Director of Music

Scotch College, Melbourne

Michael Ryan, Master Piano Artisan

"When you consider all the factors concerning the maintenance of pianos in the hard working, extended use environment of music departments, I believe that Kawai are the best pianos for institutional purposes."

- Michael Ryan, President of the Queensland Tuner’s Guild, International Representative for the Australasian Piano Tuner’s & Technician’s Association, Kawai Master Piano Artisan

Michael Ryan, Master Piano Artisan

Michael Kieran Harvey, concert pianist

"Music education encourages innovative and intuitive thinking. The most creative musicians require the most innovative and intuitive instruments.

Kawai pianos are inspiring to the imagination and are consistently at the forefront of technological innovation. They are the obvious choice for music educators wanting to train the musicians of the future.

- Michael Kieran Harvey, concert pianist

Michael Kieran Harvey, concert pianist

Prominent Owners


Macquarie Conservatorium
University of Technology and Science
Scots College
Newcastle Conservatorium
SCEGGS Darlinghurst
University of NSW
Suzuki NSW


Scotch College
Victorian Opera
The Australian Ballet


Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University
University of Southern Queensland
AMEB Queensland
Sommerville House
Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)


University of WA
Scotch College, Perth
Presbyterian Ladies College
Aquinas College

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    Sleek lines combine with advanced technology to create a range pianos with rich, vibrant textures of tone to captivate any player.
  • Shigeru Kawai
    Handcrafted from precious renewable materials, these limited edition concert series grand pianos provide unparalleled touch, purity of tone and expression.
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    Defining the 'Made in Japan' philosophy of disciplined craft with technological innovation. A superb series of rich, vivid, expressive grand pianos.
  • Premium Pianos
    The premium range is quite simply our finest digital piano collection. Kawai's heritage in crafting world-class performance instruments inspires these digital pianos that deliver an exceptional musical experience.
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  • Portable Pianos
    Compact and portable, the multi-purpose ES Series pianos feature realistic keyboard actions, powerful speakers and a selection of excellent sounds suitable for various musical opportunities.
  • AnyTime X
    ATX Hybrid Description
  • AnyTimeX2 Series
    Genuine hybrid technology from Kawai. Real acoustic pianos that incorporate an acoustic muting feature and powerful digital audio components.
  • Novus
    NV Hybrid Description