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This page contains downloadable materials including owner’s manuals, system updates for Kawai digital pianos, links to Kawai apps to help you get the most out of your piano and more.

System Updates for Digital Pianos

From time to time, Kawai will release updates to our digital pianos to introduce new features and address bugs. You can download the latest firmware, and instructions, for your current model Kawai digital piano from the list below. For older model Kawai digital pianos, please visit our sister site, here.


CA78 v1.02 | CA78 update information

CA67 v1.09 | CA67 update information

CA98 v1.02  | CA98 update information

CA97 1.09 | CA97 update information

CS11 v1.09 | CS11 update information

CS10 v2.01 | CS10 update information

CS7 v2.02 | CS7 update information

CN37 v1.04 | CN37 update information

CN35 v.109 | CN35 update information

MP11SE v1.02 | MP11SE update information

MP11 v1.15 | MP11 update information

MP7SE v1.02 | MP7SE update information

MP7 v1.15 | MP7 update information

ES7 v1.17 | ES7 update information

ES8 v1.06 | ES8 update information

K-300ATXII v1.05 | ATXII update information

Drivers for Windows

Kawai digital pianos are designed to work with Apple and Windows computers "out-of-the-box," however sometimes individual hardware configurations can require additional drivers. You can find those drivers here:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 (64-bit)

Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 (32-bit)*

*USB 3.1 currently not supported 

Windows Vista and XP (64-bit)

Windows Vista and XP (32-bit)

Owners Manuals

Below you’ll find owner’s manuals for all current model Kawai digital pianos. For any other models, please contact info@kawai.com.au.

No items found.
  • K Series Professional
    Sleek lines combine with advanced technology to create a range pianos with rich, vibrant textures of tone to captivate any player.
  • Shigeru Kawai
    Handcrafted from precious renewable materials, these limited edition concert series grand pianos provide unparalleled touch, purity of tone and expression.
  • GX Professional Series
    Defining the 'Made in Japan' philosophy of disciplined craft with technological innovation. A superb series of rich, vivid, expressive grand pianos.
  • Premium Pianos
    The premium range is quite simply our finest digital piano collection. Kawai's heritage in crafting world-class performance instruments inspires these digital pianos that deliver an exceptional musical experience.
  • Home Digital Pianos
    Affordable digital pianos that feature touch and sound technologies derived from our top concert grand pianos, our home digital pianos set a bold new standard in value and performance.
  • GL Classic Series
    Our dramatic new range of grand pianos with modern styling and the design intelligence to allow the player to achieve full musical artistry.
  • Pro Stage Pianos
    Regarded by music industry insiders as the most authentic and durable stage pianos around, the MP Series offers unrivalled touch, sound and control to meet the demands of professional musicians.
  • Portable Pianos
    Compact and portable, the multi-purpose ES Series pianos feature realistic keyboard actions, powerful speakers and a selection of excellent sounds suitable for various musical opportunities.
  • AnyTimeX2 Series
    Genuine hybrid technology from Kawai. Real acoustic pianos that incorporate an acoustic muting feature and powerful digital audio components.
  • ATX Hybrid Pianos
    ATX Hybrid Description
  • CS Hybrid Pianos
    CS Hybrid description