Kawai CN Series

Kawai CN Series

Kawai's affordable CN Series features sophisticated technology found in some high end instruments and sets a bold new standard in digital piano value and performance.

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Kawai CN Series

Console Series Digital Pianos

New standard in digital value and performance

Inheriting best in class technologies from our flagship models, the CN series offers a truly authentic piano experience in a mid-price range. Every CN piano features high quality, original Kawai piano sounds and the most responsive composite key action in our arsenal. Together with advanced onboard software and unparalleled craftsmanship, CN is designed to meet exacting standards of quality and functionality at a price for everyone.

The CN Series offers you a realistic, 88-note keyboard, big grand piano sounds and headphone jacks to avoid troubling the neighbours, all in an attractive, affordable instrument that will never require tuning.

There are also a number of features suitable for different playing abilities. The convenient lesson function allows aspiring pianists to learn piano with classical etudes and songs from the popular Alfred course books, while Concert Magic encourages even non-players to enjoy making music by simply tapping the keyboard with a steady, rhythmical beat.

Authentic touch, sound and inspiring features

More experienced players can enjoy the Dual and Split keyboard modes as well as playing with a range of additional instrument sounds. For those keen to capture and share their performances there are USB and MIDI connectors, line level audio jacks, and convenient recording features such as the ability to save MP3 files directly to USB memory.

Complementing the excellent Kawai Responsive Hammer III keyboard action and Progressive Harmonic Imaging piano sound, the new CN Series offers features to enhance your musical enjoyment. USB audio record/playback, Dual, Split, and Four Hands keyboard modes and a rich assortment of instrumental voices. The convenient metronome function and integrated classical etudes or Alfred course books ensure that regular practise is both productive and engaging for aspiring pianists.
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    Kawai's affordable CN Series features sophisticated technology found in some high end instruments and sets a bold new standard in digital piano value and performance.
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