In the Shigeru Kawai Concert Grand Series, this piano has more power than our SK-2 and its richness of sound and tonal quality brings a superb concert sound to the home, a small hall, theatre or church. Its excellent dynamic range also makes it perfect for both advanced teaching and performing in the studio.

  • Kigarashi premium aged, custom tapered soundboard
  • Shiko Seion hammers: meticulously hand pressed by our Master Piano Artisans without heat. Voiced without artificial hardeners
  • Konsei Katagi rim: a synergy of blended small and large pore hardwoods that produces a powerful, well rounded richness of tone
  • Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design (SOLID): Double width stretcher bar for optimum strength
  • Extended keysticks: provide more even touch and response from the front of the key to the rear
  • Concert Length Key Buttons: Doubled in length to provide maximum energy transfer and optimum power
  • Concert agraffes: individually machined from billet brass rods to assure maximum precision and strength, resulting in clear, powerful, and impressive tone
  • Temaki bass strings: absolute precision and tension ensured by the patient hand winding of each individual bass string by our Master Piano Artisans
  • Dual pivot dampers: allows smoother half pedal control for delicate tonal expression
  • Kawai 12 year manufacturer's warranty
  • A unique visit from one of Australia's elite Master Piano Artisans to service your piano in situ at twelve months


SK-3 Specifications


88 keys

Size & Weight

Depth 188cm

Width 152cm

Height 102cm

Weight 334kg



Key Surfaces NeoTex

Action Millenium III Carbon Fibre Action

Hammer Shiko Seion Hammers

Pedals Damper, Sostenuto, Soft

Music Rack Adjustable to five angles

Fallboard Softfall system

Casters Double, Brass


Dual Pivot Dampers, Temaki Bass Strings, Concert Agraffes, Konsei Katagi Rim


AUD $80,000


Protect your investment. Kawai offers a range of accessories to keep your piano in excellent condition.

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