Kawai MP7SE

Class leading action, hundreds of great sounds, and superb real time control. Kawai MP7SE is the flexible, all-in-one stage piano for flexible, play-it-all musicians.

  • Harmonic Imaging XL sound technology
  • RHIII Action with let-off, Ivory Touch key surfaces, triple sensor detection and counterweights
  • Shigeru Kawai SK-EX, SK-5, and EX concert grand sounds
  • USB audio: play and record MP3 and WAV files
  • 256 note polyphony
  • 256 sounds, user setups and internal memories
  • Four internal / external zones
  • Polished ebony grand piano style side arms
  • Virtual Technician
  • Grand Feel GFP-3 triple pedal compatible
  • Kawai 5 year manufacturer's warranty


    MP7 | Kawai Australia
    MP7 | Kawai Australia
    MP7 | Kawai Australia

    MP7SE Specifications


    Responsive Hammer Action 3 - 88 keys with Ivory Touch key surfaces, let-off, triple sensor detection and counterweights

    Size & Weight

    Depth 33.9cm

    Width 136.2cm

    Height 17.2cm

    Weight 22.5kg



    Key Surfaces Ivory Touch


    Hammer -

    Pedals F-10H optical damper pedal included

    Music Rack Included

    Fallboard -

    Casters -


    Harmonic Imaging XL

    256 sounds including Shigeru Kawai SK-EX, SK-5, and EX concert grand

    140 adjustable effects, reverbs and amp simulator

    Global 4-band graphic EQ

    On-screen assignable tonewheel drawbars

    4 stackable internal/external MIDI zones

    Simultaneous bidirectional MIDI & USB-MIDI

    Virtual Technician

    128 x 64 backlit LCD

    USB Audio: play, record and overdub MP3 and WAV files

    Jacks: MIDI (In/Out/Thru), USB (to host, to device), Line In, Line Out, XLR Out, headphones


    AUD $2,695


    Protect your investment. Kawai offers a range of accessories to keep your digital piano in excellent condition.

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